Special Session: home-made MISO (Jan.15th Tuesday)

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We will hold a special session for home-made miso  on Jan. 15th(Tues)2019.   Anyone interested in making your own miso, please  come and try!

As miso needs to be matured for about a year, you will have a packet of miso to take home.   This lesson is worth trying, as the home-made miso is so different in fragrance from the one you buy at supermarkets.

Below is the comment from a guest who tried our lesson:

Japanese cooking depends on some basic components, like Miso and Dashi that are deceptively simple to make but learning to make them from a cook like Tomoko who is steeped in the tradition, turns out to be a profound experience. Miso is part hilarious fun and part skilled and attentive work.

Miso has just three ingredients — soy beans, salt and “fermented” rice. Cooked soy beans are mashed, and then added to a dry pile of the rice and salt blended.

From Tomoko I learned to gauge just how much cooking water to include in the mashing — quite a bit, so that they are pretty mushy to handle. I learned to allow some bean fragments but not too many. I learned to be very very careful to keep everything clean, since the final mixture needs to mature for a whole year. I learned that the storage temperature needs to stay cool enough. What a challenge during the hot Tokyo summer.

And on top of the serious work, I learned about the fun. Getting the air out of the blended materials involves tossing balls of mixture into the bowl — pretty hard. Hard enough to get us laughing as we tossed each baseball-sized lump.

Cookery A-five is a great place to learn to cook Japanese food. If you can give yourself several sessions, it’s really worth it. And if you are in Tokyo in the winter, check to see if there is a chance for a Miso “special session.” You will love it.