Main Dishes for May

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Please pick either menu A, B or C. However, priority will be given to whom registered first.  You can also choose from our past menus which are shown in the gallery page.

Menu A: Pork Chop Teriyaki: Pork loin meat which has been marinated in teriyaki sauce and fried in a frying pan. You can substitute chicken for the pork in this recipe also.

Menu B: Fried Noodle and Rice :This is called Sobameshi(noodle and rice) It is a popular dish originating from the Nagata area in Kobe. Noodles and rice cooked together along with meat and vegetables and seasoned with Japanese Worcestershire sauce.

Menu C: Chicken and Egg on Rice: A bowl of rice is topped with chicken, onion and egg which are cooked with Japanese soup stock, soy sauce, sake and other seasonings. It is called Oyako-Don in Japanese. Oyako means parent and child and Don means a bowl. It’s name reflects the parent/ child relationship between a chicken and egg.