Date: Go to the Calendar to see a list of our upcoming classes.

Please ask for private classes or for specific dates to accommodate your schedule.


Time: 10:30am (Please ask for different times.)

Usually classes are 2-3 hours long including instruction, hands-on lesson and lunch.


Restrictions: Age 6 and older

Tokyo travelers and residents


Language: English or Japanese


Fees: Adults (Age 15 and older)  7,000-10,000 yen / per person 

          Children (Ages 10-14)  Half price of adult / per child 

          Children (Ages 6-9)  Free

Class attendance is by pre-registration (PayPal) only. Registration must be done before 48 hours.


Menu: Please pick one menu from 1 to 16 in our Menu page.

However, priority will be given to whom registered first.


We specialize in traditional Japanese home cooked dishes that reflects the season. If you have any specific dish that you are interested to cook, please feel free to ask.


Spaces: 2-6 people


Location: 3 minutes’ walk from Akasaka station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line),

10 minutes’ walk from Akasaka-mitsuke station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Ginza Line)

Detail will be given after your space is confirmed.


Nearby hotels : Hotel B’ Akasaka, Hotel Asia Center of Japan, Marroad Inn Akasaka, Yoko Hotel, Hotel Grand Fresa Akasaka, ANA Inter Continental Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Capital Tokyo Hotel, Excel Tokyu Hotel, Hotel Okura, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Hotel Avanshell Akasaka


Sightseeing and Shopping: Since we are located in the heart of Tokyo Metropolitan area, you will make the most of your time. Hie Jinja, Hikawa Jinja, Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, Mori Art Museum and The National Art Center, Tokyo are all in a walking distance.

If you take the subway, you can get to Asakusa, Ginza, Omote-sando, Meiji Jingu and Nezu Museum in 15-30 minutes.

We would be happy to show you how to get to your next destination and after we know you in person, we might be able to suggest some places that you may like.

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