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Cooking Lesson (Menu A)

  Mrs.H.K. enjoyed her second lesson at Cookery A-Five. All the dishes are good time to try, as potatoes, broccoli and Chinese cabbage are now in season. Today, we used potatoes from Hokkaido. She enjoyed the crispy texture of the croquette. We found out that the way of covering with bread crumbs was different from […]



Places to Visit – Japanese Confectionary Shops

Traditional Japanese Confectionary Shops around Cookery A-Five. Our recommendations are Shiono, Aono and Toraya.  Shiono  only has a shop in Akasaka and the shop is highly praised by professionals.  As for Aono, there are 2 shops in Akasaka area and you can buy some of the sweets at station shops.  Toraya is probably the most famous confectionery […]

Cooking Lesson (Menu C and Rainbow Roll Sushi)

Mrs. S.D. enjoyed taking lesson for Menu C and her request for Rainbow Roll Sushi. The lesson always start with making Japanese stock(dashi). As she was not very much familiar with Japanese food, she had alot of things to know.  She was keen on knowing about each seasoning, what it is made from and so on.  […]



Cooking lesson(Menu B)

Mrs.H.K.enjoyed cooking Udon noodles with Simmerd Beef, Potatoes cooked with Minced Chicken andTurnip and Smoked Salmon Salad. We started a lesson by cooking Dashi, which plays a fundamental role in Japanese cooking.  Freshly made Dashi gives an extreamly nice flavor and fragrance to the food.

Menu for October

Select the main dish (Menu A,B or C) and it will come with 2 side dishes and a miso soup. Please note, if you select B (udon noodles), miso soup will not be included. If you are willing to try something different,  check our past menus, as we can give lessons from our past recipes. […]


Hot Udon Noodles topped with simmered beef

Main dishes for October

        Menu A → Deep-fried shrimp:  As rice crackers are used for crumbs, is is much more crunchy and tasty  compared with bread crumbs. Menu B → Hot Udon noodles with simmered beef: If you think Udon noodles are too simple, try this recipe.  Beef cooked with soy sauce and sugar create exquisite taste […]


Popular dish from Okinawa

One of the popular home cooking dish, cooked in Okinawa called Ninjin shiri-shiri. The name shiri-shiri comes from the sound when shredding the carrots. The dish used in this picture is made by Sumiko Miyagi, a potter from village of pottery in Yomitanson, Okinawa.

Peach from Yamanashi Prefecture

As I received a box of peach from Yamanashi prefecture,  2 peaches are  turned to Peach Compote.  It matches very well with vanilla ice cream and they were perfect desert for the summer. Yamanashi prefecture , located in the west side of Tokyo, is famous for production of peach, plums and grapes. Peach and plums […]



Our kitchen

Small but suitable size for a cooking lesson.   We are located in the heart of Tokyo, Akasaka.  Easy to access from anywhere in Tokyo.