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Special Session: Cherry Blossom Viewing & Obento Box

When the cherry blossom forecast is announced in the beginning of March, it feels as though spring has finally  come.  Checking the announcement, people try to assess the best time to throw a hanami(cherry viewing)party, because the short life of the hanami season lasts only a week or so.  Hanami usually means an outdoor party under […]


Sushi Cake

Main Dishes for March

Please choose the main dish from Menu A,B or C.  However, priority will be given to whom registered first.  If you are interested in cooking something different, you can choose the main dish from the gallery. Menu A: Flavored Beef and Potatoes(Niku-jaga)➡This dish is one of the most popular everyday dishes in Japanese homes.  Fatty […]

Side Dishes for March

Deep-fried Tuna and Tofu:  Children would love this dish !  For adults, this could be a good starter.  Fresh Tuna, Spring Onion and Wakame seaweed with Mustard-miso Sauce:  One of the popular side dishes in Japanese home-cooking.  We have added something new in the sauce to make it taste milder. Miso Soup (Spring Cabbage, Snow Peas and Deep-fried Tofu):  […]


Flower Sushi

Main Dishes for February

Menu A:  Simmered Beef & Tofu→Japanese beef and tofu are simmered in seasonings with spring onions.  It matches very well with Japanese rice. Menu B: Rice Omelette→A rice dish imported from the west and adapted to the Japanese taste.  Ketchup flavored fried rice are wrapped in omelette. Menu C: Flower Sushi→This charming sushi is not […]

Side Dishes for February

Stir-Fry Sweet Potato:  Sweet potatoes are in season now.  They are rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber.  This dish is simply seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and sake.  A kind of flavor everyone like. Boiled Spinach with Seasonings:  One of the traditional Japanese home-cooking.  Boiled spinach is seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and Japanese broth. Miso […]


Main Dishes for Dec.& Jan.

  Menu A: Fresh Cod Baked in Foil- Fresh cod and scrambled egg are cooked together in a foil.  It is served with lemon and soy sauce. Menu B: Tako-Yaki (Octopus Dumplings)- One of the famous dish in Kansai area.   People eat Tako-yaki for snacks and even for supper. This Tako-Yaki pan, is indispensable in […]



Side Dishes for Dec. & Jan.

Turnip & Chiken Salad ( Soy sauce- French mustard dressing):  Dressing , mixture of Japanese soy sauce and French mustard  matches extreamly well with turnips. Flovored Pumpkin:  Dec.22nd is ‘Toji’冬至, a winter solstice.  It is the day on which the Sun’s elevation in the sky is the lowest and it is to mark the shortest day and longest night […]


Main dishes for November

Menu A: Japanese Potato Croquette:  Very popular potato dish.  As potatoes from Hokkaido are on season now, it is the best time to try this dish.  The taste is even nicer if they are eaten soon after frying. Menu B: Stir-fried Dumpling(Pot-Stickers):  This dish originally came from China, but the way of sir frying dumplings […]