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Daikan (大寒)

Daikan is one of the points in a solar system of 24 points in traditional Eastern Asian lunisolar calendar that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon. Daikan is the 24th point and it is the coldest season.  After Daikan, Risshun(立春) comes which is the beginning of spring according to the lunisolar […]



Seven Herbs Rice Porridge

In Japan, people eat the seven herbs rice porridge or ‘nanakusa-gayu’on Jan.7th.   The seven herbs porridge was introduced from China and then became popular in Japan by Edo period. Its original intention is to protect oneself against evils and invite good luck and longevity by eating the seven herbs that endure the cold winter. […]

Special Session: home-made MISO (Jan.15th Tuesday)

We will hold a special session for home-made miso  on Jan. 15th(Tues)2019.   Anyone interested in making your own miso, please  come and try! As miso needs to be matured for about a year, you will have a packet of miso to take home.   This lesson is worth trying, as the home-made miso is […]



Ozoni (Special Soup for the New Year)

  Ozoni is a rice cake(mochi)and vegetable soup and it is one of the special dishes served during the New Year.   Flavour and ingredients, including meat or fish and all kinds of vegetables, differ according to the region or family.  In general, Ozoni with square-shaped rice cakes in clear soup(left) is preferred in eastern […]

しゃぶしゃぶ(牛) (002)

New Menus!

  We have added new menus in our lesson.  Come and try our lesson and taste our delicious recipes!

Guest from France

A guest from France came to have a lesson for Obento (Lunch Box).  In a small box, there are varieties of food so we have a lot to learn.  She made a beautiful Tamago-yaki for her first try!  Thank you for taking our cooking lesson.



Guests from Japan

Japanese guests came to have a lesson for Obento (Lunch Box).  We learned how to prepare standard type of Obento.  As Tamago-yaki(Rolled Omellete) is essential  in Obento, each of us tried cooking Tamago-yaki.  They made a beautiful and delicious Tamago-yaki!  Thank you for taking our cooking lesson.    

Guests from U.K.

A family from England came to have a lesson for Katsu-Curry (Japanese Curry topped with Pork Cutlet).  Along with the Curry , we had Tofu and Tomato Salad and Miso Soup made from our home-made miso.We enjoyed the morning cooking and talking.  Thank you so much for taking our cooking lesson.



Guest from U.S.A.

This was her  fourth lesson at Cookery A-Five. Her request for today was to cook Tako-yaki!  We had fun cooking perfect round Tako-yaki which is crispy outside and creamy inside. We have a special recipe for this which we learned from a Tako-yaki shop in Hyogo. Along with the Tako-yaki, we cooked Tomato and Tofu […]