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Guests from U.S.A.

A family from California came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  We had a delightful morning cooking and chatting.  The girls learned how to wrap the Gyoza and they now can remake them right away.  Please enjoy the recipes at home!  Thank you for spending your time at Cookery A-Five.



Guests from U.K.

Guests from London came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  They enjoyed the lesson and were able to wrap beautiful Gyoza for their first try.  Thank you for taking a lesson at Cookery A-Five.  I hope you will try the recipes at home.

Guest from U.S.A.

A guest from U.S.A. came to have  lesson for Tofu.  We made 3 kinds of Tofu dishes which are very different and tasty.  She  comes to take a lesson at Cookery A-Five whenever she is in Tokyo.  Thank you for the wonderful morning!



Guest from Australia

A guest from Australia came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  She made a beautiful and delicious Gyoza for her first try.  Enjoy the recipes at home!

Guests from U.S.A.

A family from California came to have a lesson for Ohanami(Cherry Blossom Viewing) Obento Box.  Though the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom, the temperature was too low for cherry blossom viewing picnic.  We made the obento box and had the obento box at our class.   They made beautiful tamago-yaki(egg roll) for their first […]



Cherry Blossom Viewing 27th,March(Wed.)

SPECIAL SESSION We will hold a Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnic Party on 27th, March 2019(Wed.)   When the spring comes, we start to look forward to the cherry blossom viewing.  According to the weather forecast, cherry blossoms in Tokyo will be in full bloom during 27th to 30th of March this year. Many people in […]

Guests from U.S.A.

Guests from California and North Carolina came to have a lesson for Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba.  Thank you for the wonderful morning.  We had a lovely time cooking together and chatting!  I hope you will try the recipes when you get back home.  Thank you for taking our lesson!



Guests from U.S.A. & Vietnam

Guests from U.S.A. and Vietnam came for the lesson of Obento.  As there are various kinds of food in the Obento box, you will be able to learn many things.  Tamago-yaki, which is essential in the Obento is not only delicious but fun to cook.  They tried for the first time and made a beautiful […]

Hina-matsuri(Doll Festival):March 3rd.

 In Japan, we have the Doll Festival on March 3rd.  It is the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for  girls.  It is also called Momo-no-Sekku or Peach Festival.  Long ago, people threw paper dolls into rivers and in the sea to drive away evil spirits with them.  People began displaying dolls called […]



Feb.3rd,2019:Setsubun (節分)

February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. It is the day before the beginning of each season meaning ‘division of the season’.  Out of all the Setsubun days, Risshun(立春the first day of spring) is the most special day. Setsubun signifies the ending of winter and the beginning of spring.  It is believed that ‘oni'(a devil-like […]