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Online Lesson

We had an online lesson on 16th(US west coast&east coast)/17th Oct.(Japan). We made Niku-Jyaga, Spinach in sesame dressing and Clear Egg Soup. Niku-Jyaga is a very popular home cooking dish. Potatoes, carrots, onion, shirataki(noodle made from konnyaku potato)and thinly sliced beef or pork are cooked together. We also made dashi(Japanese soup stock) and made a […]


online cooking 1

We offer online classes via zoom now

Now, you are able to learn Japanese cooking via Zoom. Though we are not able to have lessons at our kitchen, let’s enjoy Japanese cooking via zoom. Everything you need will be informed beforehand via e-mail.   Click <classes>for details and register now!

Stay Safe!

The world is now in the middle of the enormous health crisis.  We want to thank everyone who has taken our lesson and wish that everyone is in good health. Under this condition,  Cookery A-Five is closed but we are hoping to re-start as soon as the crisis settles down.  Until then, stay safe everyone!



No Cherry Blossom Viewing Picnic this year

As the Coronavus is giving much damage to us and  society, we are sorry to say that we cannot hold a Cherry Blossom picnic this year. Every year, many people in Japan enjoy cherry blossom viewing picnic party under fully bloomed cherry trees with friends, families or co-workers.  Even in the evening, the parks are […]

Guests from Mimaru Hotel Akasaka

  Staffs from Mimaru Hotel Akasaka came to have a lesson for Obento. Along with the Obento, we made Miso soup made from our homemade miso which has been matured for a year.  The lesson includes  explanations of basic of Japanese seasonings and about our season.  We enjoyed cutting, mixing, rollng, chatting and the Obento […]



Hina-matsuri Cooking Lesson

 In Japan, we have the Doll Festival on March 3rd.  It is the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for  girls.  It is also called Momo-no-Sekku or Peach Festival.  Long ago, people threw paper dolls into rivers and in the sea to drive away evil spirits with them.  People began displaying dolls called […]

Guests from Ireland

A couple from Ireland came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  They were also here for the World Cup Rugby.  Though, Ireland had lost against NZ last week, they are enjoying Japan from Okinawa to Tokyo.  They made a beautiful Gyoza for their first try and enjoyed the dishes very much.  For a […]



Guests from New Zealand

A family from New Zealand came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  They made a beautiful gyoza for their first try and enoyed the meal very much.  They are in Japan for watching the World Cup Rugby games. Wishing  you the best for the victory of the All Blacks!

A Guest from Korea

A guest from Korea who live in Tokyo, came for her second lesson at Cookery A-Five.  She took 2 lessons including Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Niku-Jyaga , Tofu recipes and more.  I hope her family wil enjoy the food.



A Guest from Korea

A Korean lady who live in Tokyo, came to have 2 lessons.  Obento and Katsu-Curry.  As she enjoy cooking for her family and all her family loves Japanese food, she took 2 lessons.  She is eager to learn more and applied for her next lesson in September.