Monthly Archives: July 2018

Guest from U.S.A.

This is her 3rd lesson at Cookery A-Five.  Today, we learned how to cook Niku Jyaga.  Potatoes and other vegetable are cooked in dashi, sugar, soy sauce and sake.  It is one of the most popular everyday dish in Japanese homes.  Most people love it and recognize it as Mom’s home cooking.



Guest from U.S.A.

A guest from U.S.A. came to have her second lesson at Cookery A-Five.  We cooked Gyoza and Ramen which are becoming a very popular menu among travelers .  As a side dish, we learned how to cook Spinach in Sesame dressing which is easy to prepare than you might imagine.

Guest from U.S.A.

A guest from California came to have a lesson for Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba.  We also learned how to cook Miso Soup.  For today’s miso soup, we used dark type of miso which is popular in Nagoya area.



Cookery A-Five will be closed from 11th – 19th August

We will be closed during August 11 th to 19th for the summer holiday.  We are also closed on Thursdays and Sundays regularly. A heat wave is hitting Japan and temperature in Tokyo is reading over 35C (95F). To prevent from heat stroke(hyperthermia), 1.sleep well, 2.try to take nutritionally balanced meal , 3. drink water and take small […]

Guests from France

A family from Paris came to have a lesson for Karaage(Japanese Fried Chicken).  Along with Karaage, we cooked Spinach in Sesame dressing and Potatoes cooked with minced chicken as side dishes.  We also had Miso Soup made with our home-made miso.