Yearly Archives: 2017

Guest from Israel

A guest from Israel came to have a lesson for Gyoza & Ramen.  We not enjoyed cooking together but talking about many things.  Thank you for spending your time at Cookery A-Five!



Guests from U.S.A.

A family from U.S.A. came to have a lesson for Obento Box.  Thank you for spending your time at Cookery A-Five!  We enjoyed the morning with your family.

Home-made Miso Lesson

You can learn how to make Miso from scratch at Cookery A-five.  After mixing only 3 ingredients; salt, fermented rice and boiled mashed soybeans,  fun time comes.  You will shape the mixture to a baseball size shape and throw it in the container.  This is to make sure that there is no air is  inside […]



Special Session: Miso from scratch

We will hold a special session for home-made miso  on Dec.15th(Friday),2017.  Anyone interested in making your own miso, please  come and try! As miso needs to be matured for about a year, you will have a packet of miso to take home.   This lesson is worth trying, as the home-made miso is so different […]

Guests from U.K.

A couple from U.K., came to have a lesson for Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba.  It was so nice, sharing the time together.  Thank you for the wondeful morning!



Family from Korea

A family from Korea enjoyed the lesson for Obento.  Though it was his first experience, he made a beautiful Tamago-yaki(Rolled Omellete)!  Thank you for taking our lesson. 

Guest from Taiwan

A guest from Taiwan came to have a lesson for Fish Teriyaki.  For side dishes, she learned how to prepare Spinach in sesame dressing and Potatoes cooked with minced chicken.  She also enjoyed the miso soup made from our home-made miso.  Inari-sushi was also included in the lesson by request which was her favorite.



Guests from Australia

Guests from Australia came to have a lesson for Okonomiyaki & Yakisoba.  Thank you for the wonderful morning and  spending your special honeymoon time at Cookery A-Five!  

Cookery A-Five will be closed from August 12th-17th

We will be closed during August 12 th to 17th for the summer holiday.  We are also closed on Thursdays and Sundays regularly. Now the rainy season is over, a heat wave is hitting Japan.  Temperature in Tokyo is reading over 30C and soon or later it would hit 35C(95F). To prevent from heat stroke(hyperthermia), 1.sleep well, 2.try […]



Guests from France

Guests from France came to have a lesson for Flower sushi.  The boy had a couple of allergies but we learned and cooked things he was able to eat.  I was so glad to find that he very much enjoyed the lesson and the food.  Thank you for spending your time at Cookery A-Five!