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Obento Box Lesson

Ms. D.H. from Korea came to have a lesson for obento (Japanese lunch box).  She made one for herself and one for her friend.  She was interested in cooking  rolled omellete(tamago-yaki).  Though it was her first time to try it,  it turned out beautiful! 


Avocado&salmon sushi

Main Dishes for June

Please pick either menu A, B or C. However, priority will be given to whom registered first. You can also choose from our past menus which are shown in the gallery page Menu A:  Tomato Ginger Chicken➡ Chicken breast are cooked with ginger flovored kechup sauce. Menu B: Okonomiyaki Osaka Style➡Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory […]

Obento (Lunch Box)

Obent Box Lesson (May 30th)

The Obento Box (take-away lunch box) lesson will be held on May 30th. This is a standard type of obento which many mothers (or fathers) prepare for children’s lunches. People who prepare obento boxes care very much about the balance in nutrition and also the colors of the ingredients. We want children to think oishisou! […]